Anime Girl Drawing Tutorial for beginners

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Anime Girl Drawing

 As the title states the main focus of this tutorial is on Anime Girl Drawing, drawing a pretty Female anime character. In anime these characters have roles like the “pretty girl” at college and should not essentially be the protagonist. but drawing an anime lady to seem lovely is truly a hard challenge as most of them are drawn to be cute by default. This tutorial provides an easy guide to draw and position the top and face expression for a “pretty girl” character pilot.

Note that whereas the proportions during this tutorial will facilitate reach the “beautiful girl” look, this is often only 1 example and there square measure more ways in which to draw such a personality.

Overall the tutorial combines sensible drawing practices which will apply to art normally with recommendations on obtaining a selected anime/manga vogue look.

  • Step one – Draw the middle Guide Line & the highest of the top

Star by drawing a vertical line through the center of your drawing space. during this case it'll be tall enough to accommodate the peak of the top, neck, and also the prime a part of the shoulders.

The purpose of this line is to act as a guide that helps confirm that each halves of the head/neck/shoulders square measure of comparatively even breadth. Later it may facilitate with spacing and positioning the face expression.

At the highest of this line draw a circle that may represent the highest of the top.

  • Step two – Draw all-time low of the top

From the lower half the circle project 2 lines downward and angular towards the middle line. These ought to then transition into curves and so proceed an excellent gouger angles to finally be a part of at the curve of the chin.

You can see the break down within the illustration higher than.

  • Step three – Draw the Neck/Shoulders

Make the neck fairly skinny in respect to the top and fairly long. It ought to eventually transitioning into the ought toer muscles that should then transition into the shoulders.

A slender and long neck can facilitate emphasize a pretty character.

As this tutorial primarily focuses on the face we tend to won’t enter an excessive amount of detail on drawing these.

  • Step four – Position the Eyes Vertically

To position the eyes you'll horizontally divide the top in 2 as shown with the instance higher than. For the “beautiful girl” character you'll then place the eyes slightly below this halfway purpose. the big forehead can boost the “cuteness”.

  • Step five – area the Eyes Horizontally & Draw Their Basic Outlines

When spacing the eyes horizontally you'll wish to go away concerning enough space between them that you simply will slot in another eye.

When truly drawing the eyes build them fairly slender with comparatively thick sets of prime eyelashes.

At this stage you'll merely define the fundamental form of the eyes while not drawing all of the smaller details like the eyelashes.

The goal is to 1st properly place all the face expression.

  • Step six – Position & Draw the Eyebrows

Fairly high higher than the eyes draw the eyelashes with thicker and slightly raised inner ends. this can assist in giving the character an explicit temperament.

  • Step seven – Position & Draw the Nose

The nose are slightly higher than the halfway purpose between the horizontal line for the center of the top and also the bottom of the chin.

Draw the nose itself getting ready to a little oval in form with the aspect nearer to the middle of the face slightly blandish.

  • Step eight – Position & Draw the Mouth

Place the mouth wherever it’s bottom lip (not truly drawn) would be concerning halfway between all-time low of the nose and also the bottom of the chin.

Make the mouth fairly little with a really slight downward curve. It’s important to not draw an excessive amount of of a curve or the character will get AN sad wanting expression.

  • Step nine – Position & Draw the Ears

Position the ears with their topnotch slightly below the highest of the eyes and their bottoms slightly below all-time low of the nose. For this explicit character the ears are drawn slightly smaller and slightly lower down than is usually recommended.

In this case most of the ears are coated by the hair therefore there's not abundant want for drawing their inner details.

  • Step ten – Draw the perimeters of the Hair

After putting all of the face expression you'll go on to drawing the hair.

To emphasize that the character is gorgeous (takes care of herself) we'll provide her a reasonably neat hairdo.

When drawing the hair you'll consider it as being split into the perimeters, front and back/top sections.
Begin by drawing the “sides” a part of the hair. during this case these are 2 fairly long “clumps” that begin from round the prime of the top and finish with a try of splits slightly below the shoulders.

Make these slightly incurvate as if they're stimulation the head/face and additionally build them slightly wider towards all-time low.

  • Step eleven – Draw the Front of the Hair

Draw the front portion of the hair decrease the center and tucked underneath the perimeters.

  • Step twelve – Draw the Back/Top of the Hair

Draw the back/top section additionally decrease the center. The hair ought to 1st stick slightly farther up from {the head|the prime|the pinnacle} towards it’s terribly top, then get a bit nearer towards it close to the higher finish of the perimeters of the top. Finally it ought to once more curve aloof from the top towards the middle/bottom of the top.

After you end drawing the hair you'll erase the elements of the head/and ears that square measure coated by it.

In case {you square measure|you're} inquisitive why you required to totally put off the top and ears and not simply begin with the hair there are many reasons for this. One is that seeing the precise size of the top makes it easier to position the face expression (as was shown within the previous steps). Another is that drawing in such how helps to avoid several potential mistakes.

  • Step thirteen – Add the tiny Details

After you end drawing the outlines of the hair and putting all of the face expression you'll then draw all of the tiny details.

In this case those can be:

  1. Inner details of the eyes
  2. Hair folds
  3. Mole/Beauty Mark

While the eyes in this example square measure slightly completely different all of the drawing steps are often applied to the instance during this tutorial.

You can see a basic step by step drawing of the small print of the eyes higher than. additionally please note that the irises square measure shaded gray simply to create the highlights within the final drawing a touch easier to ascertain. If you're about to be coloring the eyes you will would like to create them a special color.

When finished the eyes you'll add a couple of further hair folds as shown within the 1st example.

Finally you'll additionally add a bit beauty mark/mole simply slightly below one in all the eyes (or different places). this can once more facilitate emphasize that the lady is gorgeous as some renowned models have these.

You can see a rather larger version of the face higher than to create it a bit bit easier to ascertain.

  • Step fourteen – Color the Drawing

Before you start coloring the character it’s vital to notice that if doing therefore on paper you will wish to go away some white spots for the highlights within the hair (see next step). If coloring digitally it’s easier to feature the highlights in at the tip.

For the particular color choice you'll go together with several potential choices. during this case we'll provide her fairly light-weight blonde hair and complimentary coloured blue eyes.

  • Step fifteen – Shade & end the Drawing

For some terribly basic shading you'll add shadows within the most typical places. during this case they'll be as follows:

  • Tiny shadows round the eyelids
  • Small shadows below the eyelashes (cast by the eyelashes)
  • Very small shadow to at least one aspect of the nose
  • Fully shaded ears
  • Large shadow on the neck within the form o the chin (cast by the head)
  • Fully shaded inner a part of the hair between the head/neck and also the aspect hair
  • As mentioned earlier you'll additionally add some hair highlights as variety of white zigzag lines across the hair. As recommended earlier you'll merely leave this space white and so color around it. or else you'll use a white correction pen to feature them in over prime or make out digitally.


As mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial, feminine anime characters tend to be cute by default therefore it are often exhausting to draw one that's purported to be lovely. but mistreatment the proportions and facial feature placement during this tutorial will facilitate produce such a personality.

The large forehead adds to the “cuteness” whereas the massive however slightly narrower (than common in anime) eyes provide her a touch of a a lot of mature face. The raised eyebrows with the downward incurvate mouth provides simply a little little bit of “condescending” look (not essentially negative), variety of sort of a queen or somebody of the class. At constant time it’s still a reasonably relaxed and natural wanting expression.